Yoke - a drop-in, quick and dirty alternative to Sprockets

In local development, I tend to create separate pieces of JavaScript for every controller, model, view, etc. I loved the idea of Sprockets – grab all these files and stitch them together. While it worked well for a while (on the command-line), I got fed up with how slow it runs, especially on Ruby under Cygwin.
So, what to do? Node.js of course. Why? It’s fast, it’s super-easy to install and writing a script on top of it is a breeze. Meet Yoke:

To use, copy the script above on $PATH and then:

yoke [-I path[ -I path]...] input.js > output.js

In most cases, you would just need to replace your existing sprocketize command with yoke. Both <file> and "file" requires are supported.