MinTTY at your fingertips

How often do you need to get in and out of your terminal as quickly as possible? I use Cygwin for Linux emulation under Windows and MinTTY as my terminal of choice. MinTTY is great as it supports semi-transparent backgrounds and fullscreen mode (and lots more, be sure to check out the homepage). It is so tiny I don’t mind having a copy of it running at all times, however it bugs me when I see its icon on the taskbar. The following is an AutoHotkey script which launches a new MinTTY window, if one is not started already, sets it up in fullscreen mode and lets you do your work until you press Win+C again to send it to the background and remove all traces of it on your desktop.

If you haven’t used AutoHotkey before make sure you download a copy. You most definitely will find some use for it.

As for the script, it is possible to tweak it so the window is only taking half the screen and slides in from the top (ah, Mac envy). I leave that for you to figure out.