Obtaining a Copy

You can grab the latest version from Github.

Extract the contents of the archive to an empty directory. You should have a directory release with the following files:

  • zoey-X.Y.min.js
    Zoey minified source
  • zoey-X.Y.bundle.min.js
    Zoey and zepto.js minified source bundled in one file
  • zoey-X.Y.min.css
    Default compressed theme
  • images/
    Images used by the default theme


Zoey doesn't care about your project layout. Copy all *.js files from the release directory to your scripts directory. Copy the .css file and images to your stylesheets directory.


With the files now in place, start a new HTM5 document and reference the .css and .js files:

  [.. snip ..]
  <link rel=stylesheet href=stylesheets/zoey-X.Y.min.css>
  [.. snip ..]
  <script src=scripts/zoey-X.Y.bundle.min.js></script>

Make sure the .js file is included immediately before the </body> and not in the <head>.

If you already have zepto.js referenced in your project, use zoey-X.Y.min.js instead of the bundle.

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